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Wed 10th Aug 2016 - 4:20pm Guides of Pantheon

The Guides of Pantheon use the same concept as The Guides of the Lotus (DE warframe guides) Guides responsibilites include the following:

 . Helping out Pantheon's Warframe community by replying to their warframe based questions or helping them defeat bosses or void missions as well as nodes on the planets.

 . Guides are also required to communicate with each other especially since we at Pantheon, are trying to incorporate a bigger more diverse Guide system. Included in this system is asking each active clan to sacrifice a rank in their ranking system and create a Guide of Pantheon rank and in that rank recruit respectiful, helpful players.

 . Guides are also required to recuit, you will also be required to scout players suitable for the guide rank as we at Pantheon (founding alliance clan) are looking for a base total of 40 - 60 guides


If a Guide is caught using their rank in an unprofessional mannor they will be immediatly be stripped of the rank and possibily be kicked from Pantheon.


Official Guides -

 . Assailant C 

 . Eisenhammer Tec

 . GhostFaceTitan

 . Hadnan 

 . Sunbound Wolf

 . X Reborn Razor





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